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Melt in the water and pour into the tank with a cistern. After 30 minutes there will be no trace of dirt

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Although many people forget about this place, the cistern tank should also be cleaned regularly.
It’s best to do at least once a month, and it will be clean, hygienic and stone -free.
You don’t have to buy special specifics, because you will scrub it with the help of home products.


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How to clean the cistern tank at home?
It’s simple

Decent cleaning of the cistern tank start with the installation of rubber gloves and rinsing water.
When it starts to fill, wait until it reaches about 1/4 of the height, and then turn off the tributary.
Now you can dismantle the filling valve, which is also well cleaned.
You will do it in a bowl with water with the addition of a vascular fluid.
As for the tank itself, pour warm water into it with dissolved citric acid or optionally vinegar. It is important that the liquid covers the dirt and sediment line.
Leave, at least for 30 minutes, although it is best if it is even 3 hours.
When time passes, scrub the interior with the help of a rough sponge or brush and drain water.
Record the tributary, mount the valve and close the tank.

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How to get rid of stone from hard -to -reach places in a cisaches?
Soak paper towels with vinegar, and then “glue” them to dirt for at least half an hour .
Sprinkle the interior with a sponge or brush again.

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unusual set for sediment from stone.
Use a carbonated drink

If you only struggle with stone, you can also successfully use the popular drink, which is Cola.
Thanks to the phosphoric acid content, it will quickly and easily deal with unsightly sediment.
Pour into a 330 ml (can) of the drink into the tank, complete with water to cover the dirt line, Wait for about an hour and scrub the surface with a sponge.
There will be no trace of the stone.

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