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Melt in the water and scrub bathroom tiles. They will shine and you will forget about the dirt for a long time

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Most of us are aware of the importance of regularly cleaning the bathroom.
In addition to the bathtub, a shower or toilet, it is also worth paying special attention to tiles that quickly cover with dirt and dust.
Although cleaning seems easy, then it often turns out that streaks remain on the tiles, which look very unsightly.
Fortunately, the problem can be solved with a regular dishwasher capsule. Check how to do it.


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Melt in water and scrub bathroom tiles.
They will shine and for a long time you forget about dirt

Do you want to get rid of dust and dirt quickly and easily and make it no streaks on the tiles?
Use the dishwasher tablets.
The composition of the capsules will make the surface shine.
The product also softens water and can be successfully used to clean many other home surfaces.
It is enough to dissolve two pieces (without foil covers) in a bucket of hot water and wipe the tiles with a cloth previously soaked in the liquid. If you want, you can also release the floor.
In this case, a mop with a microfiber tip will work.

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How to clean the joints with baking soda and vinegar?
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If you can not have a major problem with cleaning the tiles, it is often difficult to house joints, which are also susceptible to dirt.
Fortunately, a simple mix will work here.
Just reach for baking soda and vinegar from the kitchen.

  1. wash the tiles with water with a detergent (you can use the previously mentioned dishwasher tablet).
  2. combine baking soda, water and vinegar to get a consistency of thick paste.
  3. Apply a ready mix on dirty joints.
  4. wait several dozen minutes and scrub the surface with a soft brush.
  5. wash the residue of the paste with a cloth moistened with water.
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