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Mix 2 teaspoons with shampoo and you will not regret it. The hair will be shiny and soft to the touch


Shiny, smooth, thick and soft hair is the dream of many women.
To achieve the expected results, they often reach for expensive cosmetics and heavy products that can have the opposite effect.
It turns out that the ways that our grandmothers have already reached for.
They are cheap, simple and easily accessible.
You probably already have all the necessary products in your kitchen.


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Hair in winter like to dry and electrify.
Oil -ups can remedy this

Add to shampoo and wash the scalp.
Home peeling that thickens hair

One of the simplest home ways to care for hair is to reach for … sugar.
You can add it to a shampoo or conditioner.
Thanks to glucose, it moisturizes the hair, makes them soft and shiny.
Add a teaspoon or two sugar to the shampoo during washing.
It’s best to reach for small sugar.
Massage the product into the scalp and delicate fingertips. Follow the peeling for 2-3 minutes.
Sugar exfoliates dead skin, will help cleanse the scalp of products like dry shampoo or hairspray.
The massage will improve blood circulation and stimulate the bulbs, and thus thicken the hair.
It will also moisturize the skin and strands, which after such a procedure will be cleaned, soft and shiny.
Such a sugar peeling do every 4-5 wash, depending on your needs.
You can also add a few drops of glucose to the conditioner or mask, use this treatment every 3-4 washing.

Add to water and scrub bathroom tiles.
You will forget about the dirt for a long time

aloe vera.
Add it to shampoo or conditioner, and the bands will be shiny and moisturized

Aloe will also work moisturizing.
The gel from this plant has been used in the production of cosmetics for years, we are increasingly reaching for it in home methods.
Aloe has anti -inflammatory, anti -dandruff and moisturizing effects, it also contains vitamins A, C, E and B. However, it can irritate the skin prone to allergies, so before using the gel, make an allergic test!
How to use aloe?
Add a tablespoon of aloe vera gel to a portion of the shampoo and wash the scalp.
A good way is also to add aloe to conditioner or use the gel before oiling.
thanks to it the hair will be moisturized, nourished and easy to comb.

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