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Not a dormitory, but a student house. The lady from the dean’s office from the movie “Kogel-Mogel” is already 67 years old


Agata Rzeszewska was born on January 2, 1956 in Łódź.
She is a Polish actress and film teacher.
Although her participation in the first part of the film “Kogel Mogel” was not too big, the viewers still remember Mrs. Krysia from the dean’s office, who clearly emphasized in an interview with Kasia Solska that “dormitory” is not said, but “Student House”


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“Kogel Mogel” is a film like a cult.
What do people love him for?
For these quotes!

Do you remember the lady from the dean’s office in “Kogel Mogel”?
It was remembered for a long time

Mrs. Krysia from the dean’s office at the University of Warsaw, where she decided to study the main character of the film “Kogel Mogel” for a long time was remembered by viewers.
The role was episodic, but very characteristic.
Agata Rzeszewska played a well -reluctant employee to help students, with whom Katarzyna Solska, the main heroine of the film seeking accommodation before the start of classes in college, made a conversation.
Mrs. Krysia indignantly informed the girl that she could be accommodated only from 30 September at the student house and that the building is, of course, “on Zamenhof”.
The only moment when she smiled from ear to ear, came when Paweł Zawada arrived after information about Solska’s address.

her daughter was hospitalized.
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What does Agata Rzeszewska do today?
The actress is already 67 years old

Agata Rzeszewska in 1978 graduated from the acting department of the State Film, Television and Teatralny School.
Leon Schiller in Łódź.
The actress is the daughter of director Janusz Rzeszewski and costume designer of Lidia Rzeszewska.

in 2023 she turned 67 years old.
The woman did not give up acting and still appears on the plans of series and films.
Before performing in “Kogel Mogel” she starred in the iconic comedy “Oh, Karol” from 1985, as well as in the film “Miś” or “Special Mission”.
In recent years she has played in popular series such as “Clan” (1999), “Law Agata” (2012-2015), “Colors of happiness” (2019) or “M jak miłość” (2018-2020).

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