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Only 1% of people see an elephant in this drawing. “I looked 10 hours”. One trick will help


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In social media you can find many different psychological tests, optical illusions or graphics with hidden elements that are very popular.
One of such pictures was shared by a thicket -leading profile under the name @hecticnick, where you can find many of this type of optical illusions.
The video with the graphics of the hidden elephant was watched by over 6.4 million people.

see video

Kamil Szymczak about his work.
“Girls in the United States are very open”

Most people do not see the elephant in this drawing.
“It’s not easy, but there is a tip”

Tiktker published a video in which he placed a picture depicting hunters in the jungle, explaining that apparently only one percent of people can see the elephant hidden there.
People who have a problem with this revealed that there is a certain trick that can make it easier to find this animal.

The priest recorded dance with a consecrated virgin.
“So here is the end of the internet”

Only one percent of people can find a hidden elephant in this picture.
It is not easy, but there is a tip.
Try to reverse the phone.
Maybe you’ll be able to find it

– he said on the video.

reminded what life looked like in the times of the Polish People’s Republic.
“Many would like to come back”

There were many comments from Internet users and Internet users under the post.
It turns out that among them were people who easily saw the elephant, but many people had a problem with it.
According to some, some people were not honest also and they immediately sought the answers in the comments:

Where it is?

I was completely confused

Omg, I found it without reversing

I looked at this graphics ten hours before I found this elephant

People say they found when not really

Me: I reverse the phone and I still can’t see anything

I found it easy

Most checked in the comments immediately

– we read.

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