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Relief for seniors 2023 up to 50 percent. They will not pay a penny for some services


Seniors who receive a pension can count not only on additional payments in the form of “thirteen” and “fourteen”.
In addition, it is worth getting acquainted with the concessions that apply to them.
Some services deserve for free, while others can count on considerable discounts, up to 50 percent.
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I have never counted on the care of the state.”
Beata Kozidrak joins the discussion about the pensions of stars

discount on public transport.
Some are completely exempt from fees

In many cities, seniors can count on public transport discounts, but its amount depends on the commune.
What’s more, after the age of 70 in some, it is completely free. This applies, among others
Krakow, Warsaw, Poznań, Wrocław and Łódź.
However, it should be remembered to take advantage of the public transport relief, you should have a document with a photo and date of birth.

how much does the sanatorium cost privately?
Without long queues, but more expensive

Seniors and fees for the RTV subscription 2023. Who is released from it?

Seniors can also count on exemption from fees for RTV subscription.
This applies to people who:

  • they are 60 years old and receive a pension, but not higher than a monthly amount of 50 percent.
    average salary,
  • they are 70 years old.

Just remember that in order to take advantage of the relief, you should go to the Poczta Polska point and present the application/' target='_blank'>application and a document that will confirm that you are entitled to exemption from the fee.

Do you have at home crystals from the PRL?
Some copies are worth 10,000

Relief for seniors over the age of 60.
Changes in the pensioner’s and pensioner ID

people who have reached the required retirement age, i.e. 60 years in the case of women and 65 in the case of men, as well as those who receive a pension or teaching benefit compensatory, receive a pensioner and pensioner.
From this year, it has been issued ex officio in the form of online and is visible in the MOBKitan application/' target='_blank'>application.
what discounts it entitles?

  • for the previously mentioned public transport.
  • 50 percent
    to make a passport and do it for free after the age of 70.
  • 37 percent
    for two trips a year by train PKP Intercity.
  • for cultural exits, i.e. to the cinema, museum or theater.
  • covering part of the rehabilitation fees.

It is worth knowing that if you want to receive an ID card in the form of a plastic form, you must submit an application/' target='_blank'>application.
The documents so far issued maintain their validity.

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