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She forgave her husband treason. “This is the best that happened to us”

Mar 19, 2023 , ,

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Charity met Matt when they were still teenagers.
They got married in 2004 and today they bring up four children.
In an interview with The Sun, she admitted that when she found out in 2012 that her husband betrayed her with her friend’s friend, she was broken.
She had a feeling that something was wrong and she grabbed the man’s phone.
There she discovered intimate news that he mentioned with another woman.
When the truth came to light, he honestly regretted what he did.

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“is the best that happened to us”

Matt immediately quit his job and changed the phone number.
He wanted to show his wife that the family was the most important to him and he would fight for her.
Charity did not know at first how she should do.
She couldn’t forgive her husband right away.
They decided to separate.
Matt later explained:

It was a stressful period when I spent 60 hours a week at work.
I stayed there more than with my family.

However, they returned to each other after a while.
They both worked on themselves and today they know that difficult experience only strengthened their relationship.
Charity realized that she wasn’t quite right alone.

I didn’t know how unhappy I was.
Although it did not seem to me that I had problems with anger, I used it as a form of control and manipulation

– she said.

This experience destroyed everything, but we were in a very toxic and unhappy place in life.
It is known that you cannot throw a grenade into the house and get out of this undamaged.
However, I know that we are happier now than ever

– she emphasized in an interview with the portal.

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