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She had the longest nails in the world. She decided to cut them after 30 years. Manicure took her several days


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One of the most intriguing categories of records in the Guinness Book of Records are the longest nails.
People are fascinated and interested, which contributes to the fact that people decide to venture.
There are also questions about everyday life and how such people do basic activities with their super long nails.

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longest nails in the world.
She has spent over 28 years to achieve and keep it

Ayanna has devoted over 28 years to grow nails.
she has been doing it since 1993. In a sense, this activity has become a key part of who she was.
Already as a child, she showed interest in the subject of nails and decorations.
The American recalls how she asked her mother in her childhood to check how long her nails were and whether she could paint them in specific colors.

My mother was an inspiration for me to grow my nails, of course they were not so long, but she painted them red and were pointed.
Then I saw other ladies in front of me who had long nails.

In 2017, her nails were measured, which measured 576.4 cm.
Guinness 2018. In addition to the title, Williams also faced less pleasant aspects of having a record.
When she made a manicure for the last time, she used about 3 or 4 bottles of varnish for this purpose, and it took her a few days to perform this task.

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longest nails in the world.
Everyday problems and a decision to cut

Ayanna was struggling with daily problems with her long nails and was unable to perform some activities, such as washing dishes and laying sheets on the bed.

With my movements I have to be very, very cautious.
That is why I usually prepare in my mind for the next step, which I have to do to make sure that I will not hurt myself with my nails – or I will not break them.
I am excited to cut nails because I can’t wait for new beginnings.

In April 2021 she decided to visit the specialist’s office and say goodbye to the longest nails of the world once and for all .
Even before the procedure, the last Williams nail measurement was carried out, which on the day of cutting measured over 7 m.
using the electric rotary tool cooperation/' target='_blank'>cooperation-documents-were-signed/' target='_blank'>for the first time in nearly 30 years the American nails were cut.
In an interview with CNN, she said:

I will still be a queen with or without nails.
It is not my nails that decorate me, I do them!

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