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She pulled her panties and knew that something was wrong. “It was getting worse.” One decision changed her life


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The type and amount of vaginal secretions are one of the indicators of health, the genital organs of the woman.
Incorrect may indicate a fungal or bacterial infection, a mechanical injury or a foreign body, and even cancer.
Any disturbing change requires consultation with a gynecologist, because it can not only about infections and infections, but also about more serious diseases.
A student from Australia found out about it, who in the future wants to become a qualified nurse.

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A disturbing discovery in underwear changed her life.
“I thought I would have to wear diapers”

Vivienne Greene ten years ago she emigrated to Australia from South Africa.
The mother of five children has been studying regularly for years, and the doctors have never detected anything abnormal.
The woman knew her body perfectly.
When she once went to the toilet, she saw a transparent liquid on her underwear. Greene tried to become a qualified nurse, so she immediately knew that something was wrong.
In an interview with “Honey Nine” she reported:

He had no smell or color.
It was only a transparent liquid that constantly flowed out of my vagina and was getting worse.

decided not to underestimate this symptom and went to the doctor.
Initially, the problem with the pelvic bottom was diagnosed.
So they sent Greene to visit a specialist to conduct further research.
At that time, the fluid coming from the interior of her body became heavier and made it difficult to function.

Actually, I almost thought that I would have to start wearing diapers, especially at night.
It was really bad.
It was embarrassing.

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Further tests and visits have finally brought the final diagnosis.
“What did I do wrong?”

Vivienne Greene still performed further research and went to specialists with visits.
When she went to the ultrasound, the doctors finally found something. It turned out that he had a polyp, which they assessed for a gentle change.
The doctors gave her two options: either put on an interpretation or delete it surgically.
Greene decided to go under the knife.

When you are diagnosed, you can fall into the trap of excessive analysis of everything.
What have I done wrong?
Because there had to be something wrong in my head, because there is no cancer in my family, absolutely nothing.

This decision could save her life, because after removal it came to light that the polyp was a cancerous change. in September 2022 at Greene, which was 40 years old at the time, he was diagnosed with cervical cancer
uterus in stage 1B2.
Soon it turned out that a woman has a rare form of cervical cancer, which is HPV-negative, which explains why her cervical screening tests never detected him.
Fortunately, the cancer did not spread to its lymph nodes or other parts of the body, but she had to start treatment at the Icon Cancer Center as soon as possible.

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