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Since her husband was disappeared, a strange smell was floated in the apartment. She found the body after a few months

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Jennifer Maedge after returning from work on April 27 she saw that her husband’s car was parked as usual in front of the entrance.
She expected her to find a partner inside, but the 53-year-old disappeared.
The worried wife notified the police about the disappearance.
The officers searched the house but found nothing.
Then they visited Jennifer twice to look for clues.
Time passed, and the woman did not give peace strange, more and more intense smell that was floated in the apartment since she was alone.

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The body found after a few months

According to People magazine, she first called a plumber in the hope that it would help her identify the cause of the unpleasant smell.
He claimed that the problem is in the sewage system and a few modifications were enough to fix it.
Despite the fact that the work went without problems and received remuneration, the stench did not disappear.

The smell did not spread throughout the house.
He was very misleading.
(…) I have four dogs and a cat who wanders around the area, which means that there are many mixing fragrances in the apartment.
Then the bays hurt, so I tried to figure it out and I was lost

– she said.

When she cleaned before Christmas and went to the clipboard under the stairs for decorations, she discovered the tragic truth.
Between clothes and decorations, there was already a partially mummified body of a man in the closet.

After the fact, policemen who searched the house explained that they felt an unpleasant smell, but decided that it was the fault of a neglected building.
The Madison Crowner confirmed that the man had committed suicide.

If in connection with suicidal thoughts or suicide attempt there is a threat to life, in order to immediate crisis intervention, call the police to the number 112 or go to the Emergency Department at the local psychiatric hospital.

If you need a conversation with a psychologist, you can use a crisis trust phone at 116 123. On pageiniwiniawspierka.pl you will also find a list of organizations conducting telephone duty of specialists in the field of mental health, help for children and young people or youth or youth
victims of violence.

found his son’s body.
A year later his wife took his life

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