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Some love and others hate. This trend has returned to fashion with a great bang


Jeans is a timeless material, which is why each of us has in the closet its various varieties, from denim pants to jackets and even shoes.
In the fashion world, a trend for denunciating Total Looks in retro style has returned.
Such styling involves wearing clothes mainly from this material


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Jeans has a name more than one.
Total Look in a modern edition

Contemporary Total Jeans Look is characterized by a combination of materials and colors, it is not about that the whole stylization is jeans, but in a similar blue tone.
Blue gradation is all about it.
Jeans can be found in light shades falling into white, to dark blue, navy blue falling into black.
The most popular jeans color is still blue jeans, which you can also wear almost without restrictions.

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total look in vintage edition.
The great return of the 70s

If you plan to complete the denim total look in the new season, start by finding the perfect pair of jeans.
You can bet on a fashionable next season of bell jeans.
Most often they have a high state that emphasizes the waist.
Another cut of pants in the retro style are Mom Jeans, which are characterized by a higher condition, wider legs with stenosis at the ankles.

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How to style a total look?
Inspirations and ideas

In a total look it is important that the clothes we connect with each other have identical texture or color.
If you would like to style in a retro style, it is worth putting on pants and an oversized jacket made of the same material.
Denim gardens and dresses have returned to the trends, which will match turtlenecks or colorful shirts.

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Purple with a beautiful weave is a real gem

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