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The 59-year-old sold a house to go around the world. “It’s nice to go to the sea”


59-year-old Mimi Bland decided to sell a house with three bedrooms in the village of Farnham Common in Buckinghamshire (middle England) for about half a million pounds.
She did it to go around the world with a luxurious liner.
decided that sales are the only way to finance a new life on the high seas.


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Why do we insist on transporting goods by ships?

sold the house to go around the world.
He claims that he will spend less than on land

The liner who plans to travel the Mimi Band will circle the world continuously for three years, taking into account stops in ports around the world.
The woman intends to work on a ship as a mindfulness trainer.
He wants to experience a stress -free life.
According to the Daily Mail portal, the band said that she would like to see the world without leaving the “home” and meet many other ambitious people who are looking for a new life full of emotion and fun.
-I will be 60 next year and it’s time for a reset.
I love my life.
I help managers who are successful to de -stress and achieve a better balance between professional and private life.
I realized that I had to do it for myself and go on a new, exciting journey full of adventures and discover – she said.

Mimi Band decided to additionally use savings to pay another 50,000 every year.
pounds in exchange for meals and access to amenities on board.
The woman said that the current cost of maintaining a house and a luxurious lifestyle with a car and five holidays a year is about 70 thousand.
pounds a year, which is why he will save 20 thousand
pounds each year, if it leads a simpler and more satisfying life on a liner, without interrupting work.

her daughter was hospitalized.
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Mimi divorced over 20 years ago and did not start a family.
Recent years have made her realize that it was time to make changes

Mimi Band after a divorce with her husband, who took place over 20 years ago, did not start a family and said that now is the best time to introduce radical changes in life.
-I think we’ve all have undergone a big change in the last three years and we realized that many of us are lucky, that they can work from anywhere in the world -she said.
– In my new life, the crew will take care of everything, and I can run my business, visit the world and meet other people who also want to have fun.
I can’t wait to start the next phase of my life.
I want to work as long as possible, and I will advise the residents of the ship, as well as customers at home who see me online.
We all live much more flexible and I realized that I do not want to be chained to the same property for the rest of my life with constantly growing accounts.
It is much more pleasant to go to the sea – she confessed.
The liner is currently under construction and will sail in a cruise in 2025

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