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The most expensive domestic dogs in the world. You have to pay up to 15,000 for these “holy puppies”. zloty


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Every dog is expenses that consist of veterinary care, food, toys, treats or care.
In some cases, the initial cost of buying a dog is still taking place, unless you decide to adopt from the shelter.
Several factors affect the list of the most expensive dog breeds and their high price.
What matters is, among others
The rarity and purity of the breed, reputation and the truth of breeding, as well as whether the dog comes from a high pedigree.
Regardless of the reason, their lovers are able to spend every penny on them!

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Mastif Tibetan, or “great guard dog”.
They are independent and stubborn

A dog that always wears fur.
Tibetan mastiffs are known as a “great guard dog” because they are, one of the most caring dog breeds in the world .
They come from Nepal, Tibet and China, where they are used to deter predators from sheep.
They have a noble look with very thick hair, an elegant tail and different colors.
Tibetan mastiffs are mild and loving, but they can also stay off the beaten track.
They have hunting instinct, but for years they feel great in the company of people.
Even with appropriate training, they can sometimes be independent and stubborn.
They do not rely on people when it comes to tips and in addition they have a not very good reputation with agility.
for the best individuals in Poland you will pay up to PLN 15,000, and there are only a few thousand dogs of this breed around the world.
The Chinese are able to pay the most, who consider this race almost holy. they believe that the ghosts of deceased monks live in the body of this dignified dog.

Mastif Tibetan ~ user7565abab_575/Istock

Pomeranian, or “Fairy tale dog”.
Their personality is the opposite of their size

miniature spitz, or Pomeranian, is also called a “fairy tale dog” due to its small structure and royal fur.
Although they are small, their price is very high.
Pomeranians remain extremely small throughout their lives and are very sociable, just like Shih Tzu.
are descendants of large sled dogs and have a face -like face. Despite their small size, they are full of energy and can compete.
That is why it is said that it is “a dog who thinks that maybe”.
Indeed, their personality is the opposite of their size. Currently, this breed is a popular family dog, but it can be too feisty for very small children.
If you provide them with adequate training during their puppies, they can be calm and even participate in therapeutic sessions in hospitals.
In general, it justifies why they are one of the most expensive breeds of small dogs.
Representatives of this one of the most expensive breeds cost about PLN 12,000 in Poland.

pomeranian, otherwise a miniature spitz Photo.

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Samjejdy have a very proud height, fluffy white fur and the famous smiling face

known for his cheerful, contagious smile, this charming and fluffy Russian dog breed is one of the most expensive breeds.
In addition to melting hearts, this smile has a practical goal.
Inverted corners of the lips, prevent dogs from drooling, preventing the formation of sopla on their faces..
However, they are easy to get bored, so they will best fit people who have time to provide enough exercises and a lot of mental stimulation, regardless of whether it is a burden on the outside or demanding a puzzle.
The breed comes from the city of Oymyakon in Siberia, where it served as partners in the work of the people of the Samojeds.
Their thick hair allows them to survive frosts up to -60 degrees.
The most expensive puppies of this breed cost an average of PLN 6,000 in Poland.

samijjjy abramova_kseniya/Istock

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