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The participant in “Magic of Nudity” surprised with an intimate confession. “It sounds a bit like ‘American Psycho”


The “Magic of Nudity” program was broadcast cooperation/' target='_blank'>cooperation-documents-were-signed/' target='_blank'>for the first time in Great Britain in 2017.
This is a television show reminiscent of a “blind date”, but the participants appear naked in it.
This adds piquancy.
Anna Richardson, who hosted the program, often shares funny stories or mishaps in her social media.
Recently, one of the participants decided on a unique confession in the vision.


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Paweł Trybała about relationships with daughters.
“We talk about everything. I did not have such contact with my parents”

“magic of nudity”.
The participant decided on an intimate confession

Many participants are extremely open in the program.
In the end, the very fact that they decided to come to the television show, where they show up completely naked, already testifies to their openness.
This time, 20-year-old Charlie, a student from Leeds, got a sincere confession.
At the very beginning he confessed that he had a problem with establishing relationships.
However, when it comes to them during romantic elation in bed … he likes to browse in the mirror.

The host Anna Richardson did not hide her surprise and slightly embarrassed tried to get out of the whole situation with humor.

It sounds a bit like ‘American Psycho’, but ok.

– she said.

This slightly loosened the atmosphere in the studio.
The student’s confession did not discourage his potential chosen ones and eventually Charlie went on a romantic date.

“girl with two sets of breasts”.
Internet users do not trust

What about the Polish edition of “Magic of Nudity”?

For the first time, the Polish edition of “Magic of Nudity” could see TV viewers on September 3, 2021.
Although many people criticized the program in our country, it finally stayed on television.
Three seasons of the show have been completed so far.
Will the fans have another one?

– “There is a good chance that we will continue this project, but the final decision to produce the fourth season of” Magic … “we have not yet taken” – some time ago she commented on the portal Wirtualnemedia.pl Małgorzata Łupina, program director and program director
for television production in the Polska Cinema Group.

We are satisfied with the third season of the “Magic of Nudity.
Poland “, which is currently the most recognizable schedule position in Zoom TV. This is a showcase of our station, which still records very good viewership results, it also enjoys the greatest interest of our FilmBox+website users.

– he adds.

Polish edition of the “Magic of Nudity” program Beata Olga Kowalska.

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