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The priest recorded dance with a consecrated virgin. “So here is the end of the internet”

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Father Rafał Główczyński from the parish of St.
Archangel Michael in Piastów (Masovian Voivodeship) is actively involved in social media.
It has a YouTube channel and a thicket account, and the content published by him is very popular.
This was also the case with one of the last recordings of the priest.


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priest and virgin consecrated on tikktoku

Active in social media, the priest recently published a film in which he appeared with a woman who is a consecrated virgin.
We see on it the main characters dancing.
This is probably the announcement of their joint film, which will soon be released on the YouTube platform,

priest from the estate tikkto screen

The recording aroused mixed feelings.
There have even been opinions that such dances during Lent are not used.
– I am asking a priest, with all due respect, but the post is – wrote one of the people.
“So it’s the end of the internet here,” another said.

Who are the consecrated virgins?

As the Catholic Information Agency said in February this year, the number of consecrated virgins is growing in Poland.
Currently, there are 398 of them in our country. Women who have never got married, nor did they explicitly live intoxication/' target='_blank'>in a state of “opposite cleanliness” are allowed to consecrate.

According to Karolina, which some time ago became a consecrated virgin, it is an ideal form of life for today’s restless and difficult times.
The life of all of them looks similar, because although they have different jobs, the most important are daily prayer, meditation, reading of the Holy Bible and the Eucharist.
You can read the whole report in which the story of Karolina was described here:

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