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These hairstyles destroy the hair and make it look like hay. Better avoid them


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Caring for hair for many women is primarily focusing on proper care and regular cutting of tips.
However, the daily selection of hairstyle also has a great impact on the condition of the strands.
Because if it doesn’t damage your hair in itself, the way it is done very much.

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tightly tied high coca, ponies and braids

Some think that the tighter the hair, the better, because the hairstyle will be more durable.
However, strong compression of the hair with an elastic band or tight braids are harmful to them and strain the strands.
Smoothly combed coca, high ponies or heavily braided boxing braids should be occasional hairstyles, made from time to time.
Too frequent combing of hair in this way can weaken their onions and contribute to excessive hair loss.
A much better option will be loose braids and low coca over the neck

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daily hair styling

Even the best care will not be effective if your hair is treated with very high temperature every day, straightening it or curling.
The effect of everyday use of such equipment are fragile, brittle, dry and looking like hay strands.
It is worth trying other styling options on a daily basis.
E.g. drying for a brush or turning on a roller or belt from the bathrobe.

giving volume to tapiring

Hair taping from time to time, on exceptional occasions it won’t hurt, but giving the hairstyle volume in this way is not the best idea on a daily basis.
Tapiring contributes to the weakening of the hair structure, increasing brittleness and falling out.

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Using inappropriate hair erasers

Not only how we tie hair, but also what affects their condition.
The use of rubber bands with metal connection or thin recipes is a mistake that should never be made.
Pay attention to the quality of frotes, reach for silk scrunchies, and you will quickly notice the difference.

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