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These nails are an absolute hit! The most fashionable nails in spring 2023 delight. Anne Hathaway loves them


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Nails are a perfect complement to the stylization.
They can be a real icing on the cake, adding expression and elegance.
Spring trends master modes, makeup hairstyles and of course manicure.
Anne Hathaway is already wearing the most fashionable nails in the spring of 2023.

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interview with Tomasz Slumocon, an actor playing “Emigration XD”

This latest trend for super fashionable nails at 2023 conquers the internet

Anne Hathaway wears such nails.
They are elegant, modern, lively and fresh, which is perfect in spring!

created by Tom Bachnik, a manicurist of stars, nails alien nails is a class, minimalism and freshness in one.
Nails extended with gel, are painted with a top that shimmers with shades of pink and yellow.
Nails Alien This is a new look at the classic Makeup french .

This year, the popularity records are breaking the natural manicure in the style of Clean Girl Aesthetic

Neutral colors of clothing and makeup are required in many professions, in addition, minimalist aesthetics are beaten by popularity.
that’s why women are so eager to decide on french manicure .
This is a very classic nail styling, which will work both on a daily basis and for important occasions.
What’s more, it fits all colors and shapes of nails.
In the modern version proposed by Tom Bachnik, it is even more interesting and fresher.

The most fashionable nails in spring are a modern look at the timeless classics

The classic style of this manicure will certainly appeal to ladies who prefer the natural shape of the tile.
Its base is gently filed to an oval or more square nail shape.
The styling itself is quite characteristic – it is distinguished by the fact that the end of the nail is transparent.
On the other hand, the enamel in flesh -colored is applied to the inner part.
Depending on the preference, the shade may fall into beige or pink.
You can always bet on a pearl shade that will shimmers into different colors.

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Classic and beautiful.

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