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These spring hairstyles are perfect for women over 50 and 60. They are worn by Jodie Foster, Winona Ryder, Susan Sarandon

Mar 19, 2023

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If you are wondering what fashionable hairstyles are now for a 50-year-old and 60-year-olds in this article we come to the rescue.
Age in no way limits your possibilities.
We can see it best after Hollywood stars of mature age, which look dazzling in their hairstyles.

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Marta Manowska about the change of hairstyle

A well -chosen hairstyle can extremely emphasize beauty and subtract years. the most fashionable pearl blonde this season is a color that will work great for women who want to brighten and revive the complexion.
Deep reddish will work for the bolder ones.
Of course, naturalness is something that will never go out of fashion, so if you are not a supporter of paint, put on a well -chosen cut.

Winona Ryder focuses on a modern, fashionable hairstyle that adds her youth

Winona Ryder, although today mainly associated with the Netflix Super Hit Stranger Things has been playing the largest cinema productions such as Żuk juice , for years for years.
Edward Nariffs
, Little Women , Dracula , Interrupted music lesson or strangers: Awakening .

In her youth she liked to wear a short hairstyle pixie cut , today she puts on a longer bob with bangs and going sideways curtain bangs .
Such a hairstyle is a great choice for people who optically want to slim their face.
Curtain Bangs is a bangs that, like a curtain, covers the sides of the cheeks in combination with a longer beaten reaching to the shoulder line, gives a great effect.
In addition, the hairstyle is extremely modern and adds youth.

Susan Sardon focuses on a bold color and volume

Susan Saradon is one of the most active Hollywood actresses.
This valued actress is already 76 years old today, and still looks phenomenal.
The actress is known for her intense red hair, which add her claw and match her expressive character.
As for the cut, the actress puts this season on a longer, wavy french bob , which adds volume to the hair.

Jodie Foster above all values naturalness

Jodie Foster is a cult actress who is included in the group of the best actresses in the world.
Jodie Foster, twice awarded with an Oscar, focuses primarily on naturalness.
Most often it is shown in natural, unshakted hair.
As for the hairstyle, the actress has been focusing on a simple cutting to the shoulders with a parting slightly slightly to the right.

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