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They were together for 86 years and 290 days. The longest marriage in the world has revealed its secret


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The commonly accepted definition of marriage is a formal relationship and a socio-legal agreement between two people who, legally, economically and emotionally, combines their lives.
In the Guinness Book of Records, there is direct evidence that there is true, long -lasting love, and here are the record holders who were with each other almost nine decades.

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wife of Marcin Mroczek in a bikini.
“I’ve never seen such a beautiful woman”

Together for over eight decades, their love story is undoubtedly worth remembering

a couple from Northern Carolina, who got married on May 13, 1924 , was recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest couple living in 2008 with 84 years of marriage experience
Despite the financial difficulties, they never allowed them to weaken their spirit and mutual love.
Before Herbert died in 2011 at the age of 105, he and his wife have been married for almost 87 years. Zelmyra, who led most of her life with Herbert alongside, lived two years journalists-after-the-death-of-mikolaj-filiks-scandalous-violation-of-the-principles-of-ethics/' target='_blank'>after the death of his beloved.
At the beginning of 2013, a 105-year-old woman left in a dream.
Record marriage has 5 children, 10 grandchildren, 9 great -grandchildren and 1 great -grandchildren.

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A couple with the longest marriage experience reveals the secret of their success

Although Zelmyry and Herbert are no longer among us, they left behind touching words about the mystery of a long, lasting relationship. on the occasion of Valentine’s Day in 2010 the couple answered a few questions on their own
Twitter account.
She also shared her honest statements about unwavering love for herself.
As it turns out, Zelmyra and Herbert grew up together and were the best friends before the wedding.
The woman also revealed that one should not lose faith in meeting true love, because she turned out to be just around the corner, so we never really know what fate prepared for us.
What made them realize that they could spend the rest of their lives together?

With each passing day, our relationship became more solid and safe.
Divorce has never been an option or even a thought.

When asked about the best marriage council they have ever heard, they answered:

Respect, support and communicate with yourself.
Be faithful, honest and true.
Love yourself with all your heart.
Remember that marriage is not a competition, never a number of points.
God put you together in the same team to win.

The current owner of the longest marriage is Eugene Glad (1919) and Dolores Glad (1922) also from the United States, who were married on May 25, 1940 in Woonsocket on Rhode Island.
They have been married for 82 years and 296 days.

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