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This addition is a definite hit in spring and summer 2023. Szyk, class and elegance. The stars love him

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Many of us after choosing the perfect stylization faces a dilemma: What additions to choose to emphasize the stylization and not spoil the effect?
It is said that the devil is in the details when it comes to fashion, it is certainly true.
Only one addition can add a word styling, make it even more sophisticated and effective.


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interview with Tomasz Slumocon, an actor playing “Emigration XD”

This addition is a real hit in spring and summer 2023, the stars love him

Correction glasses have not been only a practical function for years.
Some time ago they also became an addition to styling.
If we are lucky without vision defect, we can get zeros.
There are many different models on the market.
Round, oval, square, in the shape of a cat eye, with a thick or thin frame.
Properly selected for our face, they will emphasize the beauty, slim the face, in addition they will be a great complement to the clothes and an important element of styling.

Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak put on a square, slightly darkened glasses with a thin frame

Zeros glasses are worn by stars and celebrities to turn up their stylizations and give a completely different character with a simple outfit.
You can also use this fashionable add -on!
Agnieszka Wożniak-Starak puts on super fashionable frames with a slight darkening, which will add a claw.

Agata Młynarska chooses round, light frames perfect in spring

Before choosing the right frames, find out what your face shape you have.
Thanks to this, you will know what shape of the glasses will work best for you.
A square face will blend in very well with rounded frames.
The round face needs exactly the opposite frames, i.e. those that have clear angles.
If you have a clear and sharp chin, a narrow jaw, it means that your face is triangular.
Oval or round glasses, such as Agata Młynarska, will best match this shape.

Marzena Rogalska selects frames for each styling

Marzena Rogalska proves that you can go crazy with the frames.
Thicker, narrower, colorful and classic.
We don’t have to limit ourselves!

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Classic and beautiful.

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