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This Hollywood couple has been together for 40 years. They say it’s thanks to … no wedding


Such love rarely happens in Hollywood.
Without scandals, on a candlestick, but still taking care of privacy.
They were considered one of the hottest couples in show business.
Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel have been together for 40 years. and the media systematically ask how they succeed.
Their answer disarms.


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love from the second look.
With the police in the background

met on the set of the film “The only original family orchestra” in 1968, but then did not sparkle. They were in other relationships, and besides, 21-year-old Goldie completely did not pay attention to the 5-year-old friend
Again their paths crossed the film “Fast change” in 1983.
Goldie was after two divorces and with two children, Kurt with one son and during divorce.
They were both at a different stage, after crossing and with painful experiences.
Kurt lost himself in the whirlwind of events and alcohol.
Years later, he mentioned that at the beginning Goldie met him from a really unattractive side, on a hangover.
He quickly offered the actress a date, and she willingly agreed. and it was definitely a memorable date. After hours of talks, Goldie said that she would like to show him her newly purchased house, to which she had no keys yet.
They decided to break into him, which quickly alerted the neighbors who called the police.
The surprised officers found a couple in the bedroom …

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surprising secret to a successful relationship.
Together in life and work

They have been inseparable since then.
They made love to kill, and they both came from the world of film, which is why they understood the specifics of their work well.
Goldie says that she quickly found out that it was the one, but she sealed Kurt’s warm relationship with her children.
After two years, they decided on a joint child.
They have a son Wyatt.
A year after becoming parents, in love returned to a large screen to play lovers in “Overboard”.
In 2017, Hawn revealed that she and Kurt watched this iconic film cooperation/' target='_blank'>cooperation-documents-were-signed/' target='_blank'>for the first time in a long time and that helped them remember the beginnings of their beautiful romance.

they never wanted to get married, and even suggest that his lack is behind the success of their lasting and happy relationship.
In the program “Loose Women” Goldie said:

If I had married him, we would have been divorced a long time ago.
It’s not about marriage.
It’s about people and relationship and the desire to be together.
(…) You just have to want to be together.
I don’t think there is a different way to do it

After years, the couple appeared together again in the film.
And it was a very charming return!
They played in two parts of the “Christmas Chronicle” as Mikołaj and Mrs. Mikołajowa.
They say that working together was great for them.

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