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“Time to start the party”. What are the last words of people sentenced to death? A special register was created


Can you have anything to say just before death?
It turns out that yes.
The judiciary in the state of Texas in the USA has been registering the last words of prisoners sentenced to death since 1982.


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Oliwia Bieniuk: I was experiencing death in front of Poland

is 103 years old and goes to the gym regularly.
Always cares about two details

John Wayne Gacy.
A nice and good -natured neighbor turned out to be a murderer

The man appeared in disguise.
He was considered a nice neighbor and a helpful man who actively participated in charity.
It turned out that a serial killer is hidden behind the facade of a good -natured and good man.
He was sentenced to death in 1984, but he was given a fatal injection 14 years later.
“Kiss me in D*,” he said just before his death.

Peter Manuel.
He was referred to as “the beast of Birkenshaw”

Peter Manuel in 1956-1958 deprived the lives of 7 people.
He raped the first victims and then killed with an iron rod.
He was famous for his brutality and was described by the “beast of Birkenshaw”.
He was lost by hanging in 1958.
“Set up the radio, I’ll go in silence,” he said.

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Do you remember Brooke from “fashion for success”?
The actress is already 61 years old

James Lewis Jackson.
He was in a great mood

James Lewis Jackson killed his wife and children because the woman wanted to divorce him.
He strangled them and then left a note where he confessed to the crime.
On the day of execution James Jackson did not leave a good mood.
“It’s time to start the party,” he said to the guards.

William Bonin.
The large killer advised the guard to think before execution of the sentence

William was convicted of murdering and raping 21 men and boys.
In 1996 he received a fatal injection, but before the sentence was made, William was to say: – I would suggest that the person who intends to commit a criminal act would first go to some peaceful place and seriously thought about this matter.

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