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“What does the gay think about all day? Is a great plan to break up a traditional family”


Ewa Walas: It’s easy to be one of the most read authors of gay literature in Poland?

Mikołaj Milcke: nice.
Nice, because when I spent “gay in the big city” almost 12 years ago, no one bode his success. And this book broke the bank and pierced the LGBT bubble, he was commercially successful. Four parts of “gay” were created. I published seven gay books. And I have satisfaction
, because I overtook trends. Now Queer literature is shining in the world, and I did it 12 years ago.


was only pink?

Of course not.
In 2011, when he appeared “gay in the big city” I got a lot of messages, mainly by e -mail.
There was a threat that if I do not withdraw the book, then my body will find in plastic bags on different sides of the Vistula.
I also got standard bouquets with insults.
Later for a moment it stopped and it returned only in 2020.

just when Mr. Andrzej Duda said that LGBT was ideology, not people.
Someone painted the inscription “LGBT” under my block on the pavement, and in the box I found a photo sprinkled with red liquid.
So someone knew where I live, he knew the number of my apartment and decided to make such a gift to me in connection with what the president said.

Now, when “a boy from the second plan came out” – my next gay novel – these messages increased again, I get it mainly on Facebook.
My favorite sentence is that you have to convert me into soap, just like all pedals.
Treat Jewish Hitler.
In addition, there is also a large group of messages in which someone describes the gejski attitude in detail: what is the anus for, and for which not.
I don’t know what’s in the minds of these people, but I have to admit that I don’t think about sexual intercourse as they write.
In my opinion, this is something to diagnose, but I don’t dare to diagnose it.


These people are just waiting for a little attention.
They want to upset me and I came to the conclusion that my reaction would only build them.
If someone’s life goal is to write to someone on Facebook that it should be converted into soap, I can only sympathize.

There are, however, people who write such things under the name.
I used to conduct a discussion with Mr. Jakimowicz, who at some point also began to write about the anus.
I can only guess that he probably also often thinks about male anus.
I announced then that one more remark and we will meet in court.

You said that the abbreviation LGBT has been completely warped today.

is one of the words that something completely different in Poland means today than around the world.
It’s like feminism, which in the world simply means the pursuit of gender equality and the fight against discrimination of women.
And in Poland, some say that feminists are unbalanced, flashy, controversial women who have not had a peasant for a long time.
Similarly, patriotism – we do not see it in paying taxes on time, caring for a lawn under the block or buying public transport tickets.
For us, patriotism is only a “grand” celebration and burda on November 11 and dying for the homeland.
Ukrainians die.
I wonder if our “patriots” would be able to?

LGBT is a shortcut converted into a scare.
In the meaning of people who distorted the meaning of the word, it is to be offensive.
He lies behind him very bad, attacking faith, God and traditional family, in the overtones it is probably also a pedophile.
Well, what does gay think about all day?
He gets up in the morning, makes a great plan to break up the traditional family of neighbors and hurt their minor son.

sorry that this happened?
Or maybe this false narrative has been going on long enough that it just became more common?

You know, it has been going on in Poland for almost eight years.
PiS cooked us so slowly that we did not realize that we were already cooked.
And it’s not just about the LGBT shortcut.
Just look at what happened with the judiciary, with some state hygiene.
This is a terrible, but more scandals and scams are becoming less and less impressive.
It is so much that we have been anesthetized.
Villa Plus?
And what is it … We stopped just reacting.

Maybe we just think that it does not apply to us, that another scandal in the style of “villa plus” is too distant.

In 2015, the tinction at the Constitutional Tribunal and at all at the judiciary began.
Who of us thought then that he would ever have something to do with the Constitutional Tribunal?
Most people have never been to court.
What about the Constitutional Tribunal?
People don’t know what it means at all.
Because even if the name of this institution appeared somewhere at school, on knowledge and society, it was a long time ago and nobody remembers about it anymore.
And the Constitutional Tribunal directly affects the lives of each and each of us.

it is clear that we care more or get another 500 plus and whether we will have something to pay bills for, than distant, large sums related to the “villa plus”.

on the other hand, it would seem that we live in the land of honey and flowing milk.
Just turn on the information program on public television.

I have already stopped turning it on, it was associated with my nervous disorder.
I worked in “Wiadomości” 11 years and I want to cry when I see what is happening to this editors.
It goes through a human concept.
I have the impression that this is an alternative reality.
Once it is possible that President Biden does not have, other times he greets him on his lap – I am shocked by inconsistency in this sick message.

Do you still have journalists on TVP?

There are no journalists there, there are propagandists.
The entire reporter team has been replaced, mainly young, inexperienced people are employed.
I don’t know if they are thirty years old.
Someone gave them enormous money for talking nonsense, and they just agreed to it.
There is such a joke in the journalistic environment that in “Wiadomości” you earn as many thousands as you are years old.
I wouldn’t be surprised if it looked like that.
The only question is whether there is such an amount for which you should sell your face.
Because the face is only one.

You recently wrote to me that when you published “Gay in a big city” you were afraid that they would throw you out of work.
That’s why you started writing under a pseudonym.

under a pseudonym and no face!
I loved to work in “Wiadomości”!
I was afraid of what would happen when it seemed.
It was only, but also up to 12 years ago.
But this fear had the other side.
Then my parents lived.
I was also afraid of their reaction.
I also didn’t know if I could handle a possible hate, because it was a partly autobiographical novel.
Today I would probably make other decisions.
But I needed these 12 years to see it and say to myself: “Old, there is nothing to be afraid of!”

see video

You were afraid of your parents’ reaction, and on the other hand you did not have the best relations with them.

it’s true, we were not an example of a warm, loving family.
It was from my father that I heard during a row that I was a pedal.
He called me that way cooperation/' target='_blank'>cooperation-documents-were-signed/' target='_blank'>for the first time.
I was several years old.
I didn’t know what it meant.

I am trying to compare this picture with “boy from the second plan”, your new book.
The main character, Dominik, has fantastic contact with his parents.
The house door is open to all his friends and partners.

I created a house in this book that I never had.
I know that it will sound strange, but these pleasant, warm, family scenes, I wrote very hard.
When I wrote Dominik’s dialogues with my father, I wondered if such dialogues exist at all.
Did they happen to happen or is it possible for the father to speak to his son in this way?
I found myself deleting subsequent sentences because I decided that it had no right to happen.

but I had the luxury that the writer can do what he wants on the pages of the novel.
So I created a exemplary father interested in his son.

What would this exemplary father say if his son came to him and communicated: “Dad, I’m gay”?

would probably answer: and whatfrom that?
It’s like a son came to him and said he was tall.
Ok, he is simply tall, it has no influence on it, it is simply his feature and will never change.
I think that’s how we should react in such situations.

In the book you smuggle a lot of tenderness.
Sending sms to bedtime, a dream of such a relationship that connects people for life.
Is it a book about love?

Yes, I wanted to convey that everyone wants to love, everyone cares about this love.
Although the way to love is not easy.
In “Boy from the second plan” it’s even a path through the torment.
It was very important and it is for me to show that heteric or heretical does not wash his teeth or floor differently than gay.
We do it exactly the same and we need exactly the same love.
And this love is exactly the same.
The second thing I wanted to show is that it’s really worth being myself.
Adam, one of the main characters of my novel, is not himself.
He lies to himself, he doesn’t like himself.
It’s like with those priests who hide their orientation and force themselves to lie – in the long run such a life is tiring.
You have to make sure that there is still the same version and nothing seemed.
It must be exhausting!
Being yourself is costly, sometimes it seems difficult, but in general it pays off more.

Winnicka and Grzebałkowska: diseases, clinics, flesh-colored knee socks …

You have recently noticed the loud coming out in the sweat dripping and stereotypical men’s football environment.
Why are such declarations important in your opinion?

because it shows to society that we, LGBT, are everywhere.
That we have competence to practice all professions, we are athletes, plumbers, builders, writers, vocalists.
That it’s not like we live in some rainbow, glitter ghetto.

Sometimes I meet someone who is surprised that I’m gay.
I hear: “Seriously? And you don’t look!”
I ask what this gay one looks like then?
He enters the office in the morning on a unicorn with a plume on his head?

or goes to the parade of naked equality, in a muzzle and on a leash.

and demoralizes on the occasion of children and old women.
You know, I went to equality parades a long time ago.
When it was not completely safe and it looked quite different than now.
I have never seen a spraying couple or people who would cross any limits of good taste.
The parade takes place in June, it is very hot then, so you can probably cross the streets in a T -shirt on the straps.
It is not worse to me.

So we have in public media on the one hand the scaring with a demoralized LGBT community, mean feminists and war -war ecologists eating worms, and on the other I read the OKO.press survey and I find out that 64 percent
Poles are at least in favor of introducing partnerships in our country for people of the same sex.
How did it happen that our government achieves the opposite effect to the intended?

When I came to Warsaw in 2002, support for such relationships was 16 percent.
I think that paradoxically, we owe this increase to a large extent of law and justice.
They made people hang rainbow flags on the windows and balconies.
It was the hatred narrative of PiS politicians that led to the fact that the society noticed that minorities are incorrectly treated and demonized.
Certainly, it was also influenced by the coming Outa.
Ricky Martin, Andrzej Piaseczny, Jacek Monday and many, many others.
Each of them said: Yes, I’m gay, I’m like you.
And what?
The world has not collapsed because of this.

Society is always more progressive than the rulers.
Especially if those rulers have low flight propaganda.

not only government television, but also some representatives of the Church deal with scaring.
Until now, the words of Archbishop Jędraszewski about the rainbow plague sounded in my head.

these words, but also the shoe and arrogance of the Church related to the settlement of pedophile crimes, led me to apostasy.
If it is a problem for priestsWho I want to live with and who I want to love, and it is not a problem that their buddy rape a child – I do not want to have anything to do with this institution.
It is a deeply demoralized, hypocritical and disgusting institution, full of hypocrites.
I do not want to be included in it.

You said that priests come to your author’s meetings.

yes, and often stay until the end.
They only ask for an autograph when everyone leaves.

and how do your books comment?

I often congratulate me on my courage.
That I didn’t run away, I stayed myself.
Because they have to wear two faces and wonder if they will be caught a lie.
I think they are really deeply unhappy.

I do not want to judge them, but there is no forced to be a priest in Poland.
I think it’s just comfortable.
Priests do not have to worry about loan installments, they have a lady in the presbytery, who iron and cooks.
Life overwhelms them a bit.
Sometimes I want to tell them: Hey, you don’t have to do it.
Only that then you would have to get out of a comfortable bubble and earn on yourself.
And a normal life is not a fairy tale.

by spicy books, the boss spilled her out of work.
“He was ashamed to admit that he read them”

In your book, you stick the heel of the Church’s institution several times.
Even thinking “HIV, syphilis and Karol Wojtyła”.

When I wrote this, I wondered if someone would accuse me of insulting religious feelings.
The publisher asked me if I was afraid of the trial.
But if someone decided to take such a step, I suspect that the media from around the world would be interested in it.
I can already see this belt on TVP Info: “Gay writer compared the holy pope to syphilis!”, Or Minister Warchoł, who says: “After all, our great pope did not have HIV!”

and you wrote it before the broadcast of the TVN24 “Franciszkańska 3” …

long, long before.
But my opinion about Karol Wojtyla did not shape last week.
I have been knowing for years that Bishop Wojtyła, and then Pope John Paul II, covered pedophilia in the church.
And it is not a matter of faith, but a simple analysis of his decision.
In 2001 he made the cardinal Mr. McCarrik.
Pedophile priest.
When he did it, he knew about the allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations.
This is not confirmed by TVN24 or other media, but the Vatican’s vocal report.
Yes, John Paul II had a great influence on global policy and stood on the right side before 89, but also “yes” I have to answer the question whether he was covering up pedophilia in the church he ruled.

the fact that he stood on the right side in the political sphere is not enough to explain it?

Not for me.
You have to stand in truth.
Children already raped by priests than we will not help.
This is what happened.
But instead of throwing all the forces to punish the guilty, so that it would not happen to any child, the state apparatus to defend the sanctity of the Pope is engaged and the policy, campaign, and the Games are made at it.
I do not understand this.
I have hypocrisy in the church.
Hypocrisy regarding Wojtyła.
I don’t understand when even Mr. Michnik is inserted behind him.
Karol Wojtyła knew that his subordinates hurt children.
There is no excuse here.
A translation that he wanted well for Europe and Poland and therefore devoted these kids?
No, I have no consent for such reasoning.
I would like to know if any defending Wojtyła would sacrifice their child to the glory of his homeland and Europe.

The Church has a huge problem to admit to mistakes and attract guilty.
I have the feeling that clergy think they are allowed more.
That they are not subject to state law, only divine.

so we have unpunished priests and propaganda television.
Is there a chance for something to change?

I think the opposition has the biggest chance for eight years.
And not because of the pedophile scandals in the church or the blunt narrative on TVP.
Just as the commune did not fall because people were annoyed by censorship or the first secretary.
She collapsed because there were enormous economic trouble.
Now it is not colorful either.
We have great loan installments.
Tomatoes cost PLN 25 per kiloI fight
The cheapest bread – PLN 4, inflation does not fall despite Glapiński’s announcement.
I hope that society sees it.

Law and Justice will lose the election because people live poorly.
When people do not have money, they do not care about threatening the ideology of LGBT, feminists or eating worms.
Because if they have nothing to eat, they will finally eat these worms to survive.
This is a great wound from which blood is poured.

but we also have slices – even a promised 2 % loan

I’m glad that I don’t have to think about buying a flat anymore.
Today I couldn’t afford them.
We are falling GDP, economic indicators, everything heralds a huge crisis and unemployment.
Law and Justice tries to treat cancer with a headache tablets.
This cancer will change in a moment.
And instead of acting, they defend the sanctity of the Pope and threaten with gays.


Mikołaj Milcke- journalist, writer and author of song lyrics.
For many years he is professionally associated with TVP, and then with Polish Radio and Wirtualna Polska.
He performs under a pseudonym.
He made his debut in 2011 with the novel “Gay in the Big City”.
In 2013, the second part entitled
“I think I’ll shoot a fool!”
Both books achieved commercial success.
In mid -February, a new Milcke book was published on the publishing market – “Boyfriend from the Second Plan”.
As the author says, “this is a story about the fear of being himself, which makes people unhappy.”

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