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What earth for Monster? Many people make a mistake. One type will provide lush growth


Monstera occurs naturally in South America.
It is characterized by spreading leaves, which imitates “little jungle” in our apartment.
It is becoming more and more popular and we are happy to decorate our apartments with it.
Let us remember, however, that its cultivation is not the easiest one.


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Do you grow at home monster?
Check if you care about her properly

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What does Monster don’t like?
Remember about these rules to grow a beautiful plant

Monstera should not stand in very sunny places.
Too high a dose of sunlight can cause yellowing of the leaves.
The plant should be put in partial shade and in a place where there are no drafts.
The ideal temperature for proper growth is 24 degrees in summer and 13 degrees Celsius in winter.
Remember that Monstera is a large plant, and its leaves can reach up to 60 centimeters, so we should provide it with a lot of space. does not like abundant watering.
In the summer, just add her water once a week, and in winter once every two weeks.

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Add to water and scrub bathroom tiles.
You will forget about the dirt for a long time

What land for Monster?
This plant has high soil requirements

Monstera grows best on permeable soil, which ensures good humidity and does not stop water.
peat substrate is ideal for monster.
It is worth enriching them with compost or perlite, and then our plant will grow beautifully and healthy.
Also remember to choose the right pot so that the roots can grow freely.
Monstera is a large tropical plant, so it may also need various types of supports over time.
In natural conditions, it winds around trees and trunks up.
Therefore, at home, we should provide her with such a possibility.
What to make supports from?
Wooden and bamboo ladders or stakes are a good idea.

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