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What to prepare for Easter 2023? Suggestions for Easter dishes


When preparing Christmas dishes, we can strictly stick to tradition or approach this topic with a bit more flexibility, choosing those dishes on which we have time and appropriate resources.
Here’s what should be on the Easter table.


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What to prepare for Easter – Easter breakfast

Traditional Easter breakfast should consist of eggs (in stuffed or classic version – hard -boiled), bread, sausage and white borscht or Żurek.
However, whether we serve the soup during breakfast depends largely on the family custom.
However, if we like sweet breakfast, we can also serve the Passover and Christmas cakes – baby, mazurkas or poppy seeds.

what to prepare for Easter – meat

On the Easter table there can also be meat dishes.
Of course, only when we eat meat dishes.
In many homes, baked white sausage with mustard or mayonnaise and classic sausage boards are served.
A tasty addition to a Christmas dinner will be various types of pies – both meat and vegan and vegan pies.

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what to prepare for Easter – additions

A traditional Christmas dish is also vegetable salad, which is prepared from carrots, parsley, celery, potatoes, green peas, pickled cucumbers, hard -boiled eggs, mayonnaise and cream.
Season the mixed ingredients with salt and pepper.
A classic vegetable salad is a must on every holiday table.

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In addition to Christmas cakes, we can also serve the Passover, which is a traditional Easter dessert, which is prepared with cottage cheese, butter, yolks, sugar, vanilla and bakalia.
It should be prepared the day before and leave it in the fridge overnight.
Passover is most often served in the form of a pyramid, which makes it an original dish on a traditional holiday table.

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