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Zofia Zborowska-wrona practices in sweat. Fans look at the hair. “What happened on the head?”


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Zofia Zborowska is a popular actress who, in addition to numerous film roles, is primarily a dubbing actress.
She is a graduate of the Theater Academy
Aleksander Zelwerowicz in Warsaw.
Most, she is known for such productions as “Przystań”, “Love on the catwalk”.
She is the daughter of actress Maria Winiarska and actor Wiktor Zborowski.
In 2015, she took part in the program “Your face sounds familiar”, where in each episode she played in the form of famous musicians.
The star, is famous for social media, that he openly speaks of his views and opinions, considered by some considered controversial.

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Zofia Zborowska asked her mother for help in taking care of her daughter.
Maria Winiarska fell

57-year-old model without makeup.
“Still the most beautiful woman in the world”

Zofia Zborowska-Wrona showed photos from the gym.
The star impresses with the figure

At the end of February, Zborowska-Wrona decided that for an equal month of each morning she would practice at the gym.
As the actress herself admitted in one of her earlier posts on Instagram, her form after delivery deteriorated, and she herself stated that with time her “body began to simply scattered …”.
After a year and a half, she decided to improve her condition and decided to practice morning exercises in the gym day by day.
As she said, she did.
Now she decided to praise several staff in which she presented her consistency.
By the way, she surprised the observers of the storm of curls.

The actress drew the attention of fans not only due to a slim figure, but also hairstyles.
Comparisons appeared

Zofia Zborowska-Wrona is actively active in social media and can boast of great contact with her recipients.
On her Instagram profile, the number of people who follow each step is almost 0.5 million people.
Also the last post straight from the gym remained without reaction from Internet users.
Fans not only noticed the effects of everyday exercises, but also the actress’s hairstyle.

Zośka, but you did progress.

Like the Lion King

You will break Rozenek soon.

And I love your hairstyle in these photos.

Like Shakira

What happened on the head?

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