• Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Hezbollah planned major terrorist attacks against Israeli targets around the world


For three and a half years, the Israeli intelligence service Mossad played cat-and-mouse game with the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah. The aim was to prevent the group from establishing a worldwide network of storage facilities for explosives, says an intelligence official.

The largest warehouse, which contained approx. three tonnes of ammonium nitrate, an important ingredient in the production of certain types of explosives, were found in four different places in London after the British police stormed them in September 2015. Other stocks were set up by Hezbollah cells as bev discovered in Cyprus, Thailand and in several unnamed European countries, writes the Times of Israel.

The camps were to prepare Hezbollah to carry out terror. According to British media, a foreign intelligence service has tipped off British intelligence and British police about the hidden explosives. Now it turns out that the tip came from Mossad.

An unnamed source tells Yedioth Ahronoth how Israel worked to stop Hezbollah’s terrorist plans – which the police in London, Cyprus and Thailand have concluded were aimed at Israeli targets in their respective countries.

– Hezbollah is preparing for revenge, either because of something happening between Israel and Lebanon, or because of an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. That is why they have established a large network of warehouses where explosives are stored for the purpose, the source tells the newspaper.

In 2014, Mossad learned that Hezbollah’s 910 unit, which is responsible for the terrorist group’s foreign operations, was preparing for major terrorist attacks on targets around the world.

The information from Mossad meant that Thai authorities could arrest a terrorist cell in early 2015. In April of the same year, Hezbollah terrorist Hussein Abdullah was arrested in Cyprus after several tons of ammonium nitrate were found in his basement.

The Israeli intelligence source says Hezbollah, which has close ties to Iran, had “long-term plans for large-scale terrorist attacks.” Fortunately, someone was in the right place at the right time to issue a warning, to disseminate the information and to prevent the establishment of this infrastructure ».

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