• Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

Israeli helicopters and fighter jets hit Hezbollah targets in Lebanon after IDF troops were attacked by gunfire near Kibbutz Menara in Upper Galilee, the Jerusalem Post reports.

The IDF’s attack on Hezbollah targets came hours after the IDF stated that a security incident had taken place near a kibbutz and ordered residents of the communities of Menara, Margaliot, Malkiya, Misgav Am and Yiftach to stay at home, lock doors and close windows.


Roads in the Malkia, Ramot Naftali and Margaliot areas were blocked and all outdoor activities were banned – including agricultural work.

– At the security incident that took place last night at At 10:40 a.m. in the area [Manara community], IDF troops were shelled from Lebanese territory during operational activity. In response, IDF helicopters and planes hit terrorist targets belonging to the terrorist organization Hezbollah. Hezbollah observation posts along the border were among the targets hit. Although there were no casualties among our troops, the IDF considers it a very serious incident and we hold the Lebanese government accountable for what is happening on their territory. The IDF will maintain a high level of preparedness and ensure Israel’s sovereignty and the security of its residents, the Israeli Army (IDF) stated in a statement.


In the past, the IDF fired several flares and IDF troops searched the area, it happened after suspicious movements had been seen near the border and there were fears that Hezbollah terrorists had tried to infiltrate Israel.

The Israeli news media KAN-News reported that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in Safed on family vacation while the incident was going on, Netanyahu was rushed to the IDF’s northern command post in the city, where he was updated on the situation and spoke with IDF chief Aviv Kochavi .


Israel has been on high alert at the northern border since the terrorist organization Hezbollah had accused Israel of being behind airstrikes in Syria on July 20, in which a Hezbollah terrorist was killed. Read MIFF’s article on this.

The terrorist organization Hezbollah subsequently threatened to attack Israel. Therefore, the IDF provided troop reinforcements and advanced intelligence and precision systems at the border and banned military vehicles from driving on roads adjacent to the border.

Read more of MIFF’s articles on the terrorist organization Hezbollah here.

One week later, a terrorist cell tried to infiltrate Israel. The terrorist cell reached several meters into Israeli territory, which led to IDF troops firing on the terrorist cell – read MIFF’s article on this.

Subsequently, Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah stated that their reaction had not yet come, a few days later IDF troops stopped an attempt to place explosives along the border – the terrorist cell was killed by the IDF.

After tensions along the border with Lebanon eased during August, the IDF began reducing troop reinforcements and other security measures previously in place..

The IDF and defense officials estimated that Hezbollah would not carry out an attack after the explosion in Beirut, yet IDF troops in the area have been ordered to maintain increased preparedness. Read MIFF’s article on the explosion in Beirut here.

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