• Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Israel’s Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Alon Schuster from the Kahol Lavan party has previously been interviewed by Infinitum News – read more HERE and has been a guest at one of MIFF’s Zoom meetings – hear the meeting HERE.

Recently, the Israeli Minister of Agriculture met with a senior delegation of journalists from Bahrain, writes the Israeli magazine Mashov News – the article is translated from Hebrew.

– There is a fantastic potential for cooperation in the field of agriculture. Israel’s expected cooperation with Bahrain holds a very large potential for both countries. Israel has a great deal of knowledge and advanced technology in agriculture, and in some industries we are world leaders. Both we and Bahrain have many reasons to welcome the cooperation, Schuster told reporters.

Senior officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development under the leadership of Minister Alon Schuster and the Minister’s Director General, Dr. Nahum Itzkovich met with the delegation of journalists from Bahrain who wanted to learn more about the ‘fruits of peace’. Schuster told about the Israeli wonder, which has meant that Israel, despite its small geographical area and demographics (Israel is the size of Jutland, has 9 miles of inhabitants and has large areas consisting of desert that require very special know-how to be used for agriculture). Yet Israel has managed to cultivate a very efficient agriculture – Israel, for example, has developed very great expertise in desert agriculture.

The Bahraini delegation would like to know, among other things, what Israel’s agricultural capacity is and what technological advantages it has in agriculture and food production.

As early as October 2019, Israel and Bahrain signed an agricultural agreement in several areas: promoting agricultural trade between the countries, assisting Israel and Bahrain in building an agricultural system focusing on plant protection, knowledge sharing and Israeli technologies in desert agriculture and much more.

On September 15, Israel, the Emirates, and Bahrain signed the historic Abrahamic Agreements, which have forever changed the Middle East. Instead of focusing on hatred and mistrust, cooperation and the warm relationship between the countries are growing by the day. Prejudices are being broken down and several countries in the region have recognized that Israel is part of the solution – not part of the problem.

Read more about the Abrahamic Agreements HERE.

Read: Israel and the Emirates will work together on water and food security.

Read about Israeli water technology that turns air into clean drinking water HERE – the company Watergen previously donated their technology accommodation to the Gaza Strip, now they are selling their technology in the Gulf so that even more can benefit from Israeli innovation.

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