• Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

Wednesday morning at 08.42 Danish time is 87% of the votes after Tuesday’s choice in Israel counted. Netanyahu and his block were long to get the 61 mandates needed to form government if they had received the party Yamina with, but Netanyahu block has now fallen to 59 mandates.

At the same time, the Muslim Party United Arab List (Hareshima Ha Meshuthet) has ended up the barrier limit of 3.25%, after the night underneath. This means that the party who has broken with the other Arab parties can port on the tilt. Unlike other Arab parties, Mansour Abbas does not cooperate with Netanyahu and right wing – read more here.

In addition, all can happen and none of the coalitions are currently being able to get the necessary majority of 61 mandates.

With 87% of the voices spoken up Located Netanyahus Party Likud to get 30 seats, opposition party Yesh Atid 17 SHAS 8, Kahol Laven 8, Yamina 7, Worker Party 7, United Torah Judaism 7, Yisrael Beytenu 7, The Arab Joint List 6, Religious Zionism 6, New Hope 6, Meretz 5 and United Arab List (also under the abbreviation Ra’am) lies over the barrier limit and gets 5 seats.

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