• Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

For the first time since elections were called in September, Benjamin Netanyahu and the center-right Likud party are ahead of Benny Gantz and the center-left party Kahol Lavan in the polls. Thus, Netanyahu and the right wing have gained momentum ahead of the March 2 election.

A poll on Channel 12 shows Likud stands to gain 34 seats in the Knesset. It is one seat more than at the previous measurement. At the same time, Kahol Lavan stands to get 33 seats – that is two fewer than in the previous poll.

In a poll conducted by Kan, Likud stands to gain 35 seats and Kahol Lavan 34. Thus, something suggests that Netanyahu has suffered some damage from the news of the trial against him, which starts just two weeks after the election.

Although the right wing experiences wind in the sails a few days before the election, they are still far from the necessary majority required to form a government. The coalition on the right stands to get 57 seats in the Knesset, which is four seats smaller than the required majority of 61.

Benny Gantz’s coalition is also close to gaining 61 seats.

Thus, it seems that the completely deadlocked situation in Israeli politics continues even after the election, which is the third election in less than a year. Neither the April election nor the new election in September yielded an election winner.

But several circumstances may affect voters’ votes in the March 2 election. From Sunday night to Tuesday, terrorists in the Gaza Strip fired more than 90 rockets at southern Israel. This is something that can affect voters’ crosses on the ballot paper.

Another factor that can influence the choice is the fear of corona virus. Several people are in isolation in Israel after a group of nine South Korean tourists tested positive for the virus after returning from a trip to Israel.

In the poll conducted by Kan, 14% say they are worried about going to the polls due to the virus outbreak. At the same time, 80% say they are not worried. The situation may develop towards the election.

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