• Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

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Sunday becomes National Garden Day in Israel


Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that Sunday becomes a national mournay in memory of the victims after the disaster in Meron at night to Friday. The death figure after the tragedy has risen to 45 people, unfortunately, the death figure is expected to increase further. Many wounded are still in critical condition.

– There were heartbreaking scenes here. People were broken to death, including children, Sier Netanyahu, who Friday visited the disaster area. He also used the occasion to thank the rescue personnel who struggled to save people. Read more here.

– We will conduct a comprehensive, serious and detailed investigation to ensure that such a disaster never happens again, promises Netanyahu.

several thousands, perhaps up to 100,000-150,000, was gathered to celebrate Layers of Baomer in Meron in North Israel. It is a Jewish religious festivity where some orthodox Jewish directions teeth campfires or take on pilgrim trip to Bar Yochai’s tomb. He was a Jewish religious leader of the second century. It should have been the first folk party in Israel after the Corona crisis.

Unfortunately, unfortunately, the party ended up being a disaster believed to have happened as a result of too large a number of people who were gathered on site, material, or both, broke parts of the Tribrune plant together. Several people were crushed by walls and taken as collapsed, others were killed and wound in the mass panicle that occurred. Israeli authorities say the incident will be investigated, but there have previously come warnings that the narrow output where the disaster happened was dangerous.

Rescue conciliation struggles to save the many wounded after the disaster. (Photo: United Hatzalah)

Friday afternoon, all they killed have not yet been identified, the names of several of the fatalities are published. Among the kills there are young and old, parents and children. One of the kills is Shragi Gestetner, a well-known ultra-drawer singer. Another is 23 year old Simha Bonim Ziskind. He is buried in Haifa later today.

Many still wait for answers about their loved ones is alive. Unfortunately, it is not everyone who will get the message as they hope for. Long queues are reported at Israel’s Legal Genetic Institute in Abu Kabir where they killed are being identified.

“The neighbor’s grandson, only 12 years old, is among those killed. The heart refuses to understand it “writes an Israele on Twitter.

Throughout Israel has volunteered in line to give blood. The rescue service Magen David Adom tells that the cows in several places are over an hour long.

In a power village near Meron, locals have opened their homes for they evacuated, while the inhabitants of the Arabic areas nearby distribute food and drink to them.


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