• Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

Israeli fighter jets carried out a third round of air strikes on targets in the Gaza Strip on Friday morning, in response to a series of rocket attacks on Israel a few hours earlier. Throughout the night, there have been new rounds of rocket attacks on Israel and Israeli responses to the attacks, writes the Times of Israel.


“We hold Hamas accountable for all terrorist activity coming from the Gaza Strip,” the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said in a statement on Friday morning.

A total of 12 rockets have been fired from the Gaza Strip against Israel since Thursday night. Six of the rockets were fired by the Iron Dome rocket defense.

A home in the town of Sderot was seriously damaged during one of the rocket attacks. Pictures and video clips shared on social media show that the kitchen in the house is totally destroyed, with broken windows and large holes in the walls and roof.

– We did not hear the siren and suddenly there was a loud explosion. We ran out of bed and into the shelter. When we got out we saw that everything was ruined. The whole kitchen has been blown up and the Shabbat dinner has been destroyed, says homeowner Shlomo Malka.


The Israeli defense has bombed several Hamas military targets. They have also bombed a cement plant, which was used to produce underground terrorist tunnels, in addition to areas where rockets are produced. No injuries were reported.

There have been three rocket attacks against Israel in the past week, but the night’s 12 rockets are a sharp escalation of the conflict – read more of MIFF’s articles about the rocket attacks against Israel here. In addition to the rocket attacks, hundreds of explosive balloons have also been sent into Israel from Gaza. The attacks have caused hundreds of fires on agricultural land and damaged nature, wildlife and property – read MIFF’s articles about the attacks here.

According to Ambulance Service Magen David Adom (MDA), three people have been treated for shock injuries during the night’s attacks. In addition, a woman was slightly injured as she ran into the shelter.

Now many in southern Israel fear that the conflict will escalate further over the weekend.
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